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There is no free money. This is true!
You can’t earn without investing and doing nothing.
Our donators club will help you earn extra money without leaving your home with only your social skills.

We do not offer you earn money by watching ads or filling out profiles.

We do not offer you to invest in the market or cryptocurrencies

our professionals do it.

Money does not gather dust and do not collect bonuses ... They work.


You do not collect interest. You get it right away.


It all depends on you. AND ONLY FROM YOU.


So how does it work?
You must be at least 18 years old.
To join the club you need to make a donation of £ 50 from your PayPal account.
Your PayPal account is your user nickname in the system, and it should also be indicated in the link for your affiliate. (

What will I receive and how?
Your subsequent affiliate will have to join our club indicating your email as an invitation code. As soon as your affiliate enters the club making a donation half of his contribution (25 pounds) will be credited to your account.


This visually looks like this:
You have joined the club and made a donation of 50 Pounds.
For 1 affiliate you get 25 Pounds
For 2 affiliate you got 25 Pounds, Total 50 Pounds and you returned your donation.
For 3 affiliates you get 25 Pounds. This is the Donation help from your affiliate to you. And so on


How fast will I receive the money?
Usually this happens as soon as a new member joins the club , the verification and processing time takes from 24 hours to 72 hours but does not exceed 72 hours. All treatments are checked manually to prevent fraud.

Can I deposit a different amount?
No.50 pounds is a fixed amount that does not change.

How many affiliates can I attract and how much can I earn?
There are no restrictions on the number of Affiliates and the number of affiliates is not limited.

Can I join a club with multiple accounts?
No. Only one person from one account can register.
Your account will be checked and in case of violation it will be frozen, blacklisted and all payments will be stopped.

Can my relatives (husband, wife, brother, etc.) join the club?
Yes, there are no restrictions.

How do I attract new members and where?
To do this, you need to send to person a link to our site indicating your email in brackets as an invitation code. (

You can attract new members wherever you prefer.


Can i join without invitation?

Yes  it's possible. You just need to indicate Your email.

(Pls see below)

I have deposited 50 pounds and get 25 for each new member. Where does 25 pounds go?
This system is not a pyramid. The system cannot work forever if the money does not work, so the second part of your donation is invested in the main Cryptocurrencies, which is the guarantor of the system’s capital. The main links to the systems used are presented on the site.

Why is the currency exactly Pounds Sterling?
Today it is the most stable currency and the most convenient.

How can I be sure that this is not fake, and club will not deceive me?
Why do we have to do this? The system earns and you earn. We are not a social club that is advertised or attracted by email social networks. We have a serious number of members who take this seriously and invest the money received in the same systems and earn a lot more.

If you are not sure or in doubt, just pass by.

How can I find out how much I have earned?
You can contact our support team and you will be provided with a report. Detailed report will be provided within 24H


Can I leave the club without losing my money?
Yes. In this case, you need to fill out the form below. Your request will be reviewed within 48 hours. Remember all previous payments will be considered. If you already had a payment, it will be deducted. If you did not have a payment earlier, you will receive your donation back. If you already had payments in excess of your down payment, they will also be taken into account and deducted.


Remember, having left the club, your data will be added to the list of distrust, and you will not be able to join the club again within 6 months.

Remember! We are only interested in serious people.

By clicking the donate button and join our club you agree to all the points indicated above. You also agree that the contribution made to our club is a voluntary donation.



and Good Luck.


During donation process pls indicate your email Address


in : Add Note section


And put tick in : Share your mailing address with

Take it seriously.
Otherwise, the member of the club who invited you will not receive a donation from your membership.

Contact our team.